Saturday, July 4, 2009

Beginning of the End!


Was conversing with dad over the phone yesterday and he was like - "It appears as though you entered college just yesterday and you're already in the final year ???"

That really sparked something on the inside ...

I'm on the verge of becoming a graduate.

I asked myself how much change had come into my life since September 6th, 2006.
"Not even a wee bit", my ever-sardonic conscience snapped back at me ...

"Really?", I asked again, apprehensively ... and my conscience softened up , "Not really"

even though my levels of enthusiasm have gone down miserably;
even though the once steadily climbing worm on my career graph has given in to gravity;
even though i haven't got much fancy things to boast about in my résumé;

Many delicate changes have dawned on me.

The way i perceive life has undergone many a transformation.

CHANGE is the law of the universe.

And I being a miniscule part of the limitless universe, am no exception.

I've changed indeed !!!


мคиσ said...

To improve is to change.To be perfect is to change often.-Winston Churchill.
Nothing is permanent everything changes, change is always accompanied by drawbacks,to change is to mature;to mature is to go on creating oneself.Its good to know that ur changing.

P.S - Fools follow quotations,wise ppl change it according to their convenience. :)

jayashree swaminathan said...

wonderful expression of words....luv the way u write it...envy u! *sigh*

SHRI RAM said...

Good one dude.. it made me to take a mini tour into my recent past!!:)
Transformation is prone to happen!!


Nice post da.. :) :)
"Change is the only thing that never Changes".