Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Aftermath

I'm back after a day of Internet blackout!!!

yeah, No 'I'nternet ( notice the capitalized 'I' in Internet? My Computer Networks text says that there's a big difference between 'I'nternet and 'i'nternet. Chuck that! And hope i wouldn't need to look at that horrible book ever again ... )

Boy! Yesterday was one heck of a day ...

i despised the cyclone for two reasons:

1. the obvious (power-cuts, being stuck at home, et cetera ...)
2. glued to the tv, the entire day, watching the situation in Mumbai

the news channels were telecasting Live, the "mopping up"(thats what they called it) operations at the Taj hotel and the Nariman House by the NSG ...

damn! look at the terrorists coolly walkin in ...

one glance at the clock ... it was 9 pm, i realised i had had enough and hit the sack, with a terrible head-ache actually...

now i'm not gonna use this blog to grumble about Mumbai's lack of preparedness to face such a situation or wonder why it took nearly 60 hours to flush out the terrorists or blah blah blah !!!

i'm seriously fed up with what happened, thats all i can say ...

moving on to the rains, a bit of a relief Today. Enough for me to venture out and take some snapshots of the St.Thomas Mount Subway.

what was so special about the subway???

here u go:

looks like a canal, doesnt it?

cudn't add a copyright, so decided to include myself in the snap :P

thats supposedly the top of a sunken truck

copyrighting my pic again! :D

the rains were coming back ... , so came back home and watched this movie
"A Few Good Men".
Chaps out there who think Tom Cruise's movies are rated high ONLY because of his good-looks will eat their words when they're done watching this movie.
Another movie i'd recommend is "The Last Samurai", one of my all-time favourites ...

Ciao !!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Genesis Part-II

Here i go again ...

after a failed dig at blogging, I'm back again with this new blog.
if u wanna see the LENGTHY blog i created last time around, go here ->
[i even got a spam comment for the blog ... a guy swearing at me in Hindi regarding the number of posts in it! :D]

My 5th semester exams got over just two days back, Yippeeeeeeeeee!
actually i'd say it got over five days back ... cuz i dint need to put up with mental torture for "Environmental Sciences" like i had to, for the rest of the subjects ...
but then, its been a soppy start to the holidays, ... thanks to "Nisha" !!!
Whoa!!! Nisha isn't any gal ...
i meant "Cyclone Nisha" ...
there's been incessant rains in Chennai over the past three days ...

its during these idling hours of being stuck at home, i decided that i should get on with creating a blog.

and here i am !!!

Of course there's more to it

i dint know what i would be putting in my blogs ...


but then, there were other things to worry about ...
the title of the blog for instance.


i went to the extent of texting my gang of friends asking them for suggestions!
none of those busy-bees replied, as expected ...
thanked them for the overwhelming response and was about to get back to pondering, when this gal Jayashree[] suggested the title:
"How To Name It"

i jumped on it!

"How To Name It?"
no reference to the 1986 instrumental fusion album by Ilaiyaraaja, a dusty old audio cassette of which, is my dad's prized possession

decided to go ahead with the title , at least temporarily, only because it aptly portrayed the "i'm not able to come up with anything" situation i was experiencing!

then came the url part ...
had to be something cool!

was breaking my head again!

in my frustration i even tried the following:


but guess what!
all of them had been already taken! :(

eventually came up ""

Finally i was done ...