Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The plight of the indecisive

DISCLAIMER: This post is the result of heavy thesaurus usage and is in no way indicative of anything about my dumb vocabulary :D

I'm back with this blog post; breaking the undesired quiescence being the quo animo ...
I've been hankering to bang out blog posts, seriatim, but failing to do so ... , as you rightly surmised ...

I dont get time? Nah...! :D

That's laughable.

I'm this guy, who hates to promulgate the proclamation, that he's busy (leaving out GTalk statuses (albeit sporadically)) :P
I revel in being addressed as 'the jobless' ... :S

Okay, I'll cut to the chase.

'The Indecisive'

This phenomenon percolated into my life about a year and half afore.

The encumbering task of choosing one from among the confounding multitude of paths that lay ahead of me, had begun weighing me down, which sort of added to the ever-ubiquitous gravitational forces. I couldn't find out what I'd want to do after I pass out of college. It was like juggling three balls that were different chromatically. The balls represented three paths:

  1. GRE+TOEFL -> USA -> M.S.
  2. a decent job in the I.T. industry
  3. CAT -> IIM -> MBA
Very soon, I easily bumped off one of them, Ball 3; convincing myself (and my parents) that I was not ready to plunge into the scrimmage and lock horns with the 2 lakh and odd people taking up CAT and that Management was not my cup of tea.

If I'd posited that two balls was better than three, I was dead wrong.

My eyeballs are perpetually gyrating and pulling them away from the direct line of sight of the juggling is beyond the bounds of possibility, spawning a feeling of low self-worth and the irritation that ensues.

I'm nearing the end of my UnderGraduation and sadly, the juggling goes on.

The light at the end of this dark tunnel ??? Still Out of Focus to my eyes ...


This post has been in the drafts since August 25th, 2009. :|
Thanks to the unnecessarily long gap between University exams, I finished it. :D


SATHISH said...

Dude, Have you decided on your project yet ?? haha,

But dude youth , at this time of their life, are exasperated with "themselves" and also with the college(Univs)/parents for not providing something that they need.

And you know what we actually belong to that community,

With 2.37 lakh students already getting ready for cat, we are still bugging life with our Anna Univ Exams,
Sad but tats fate

jayashree swaminathan said...

well, luks like u hav been preparing too hard for ur GRE toefel xams...ur vocab shows it all!


Must appriciate ur work fr making others think fr a while!

I learnt meanings for a few words from ur post...which i'll not forget coz i've spent time getting thier meanings!

for ppl who wanna knoe:

1. indecisive-Characterized by lack of decision and firmness
ubiquitous-Being present everywhere at once

2. chromatically-Being or having or characterized by hue
posited-Put (something somewhere) firmly

jayashree swaminathan said...

1.indecisive-Characterized by lack of decision and firmness
2.ubiquitous-Being present everywhere at once
3.chromatically-Being or having or characterized by hue
4.posited-Put (something somewhere) firmly

words i learnt :P

ViX said...

Project? Oh yeah! Thats another pain in the ***

And yeah, being a student requires one of the highest levels of stress-busting these days :(

Ceeeni said...

Nice one ! for those who are strangers to u, idhu puriyum, aana puriyaadhu :P

ViX said...

@ceeni - lol! yeah :P

ViX said...


he he!
I inserted a pair of lines into the post just now. U missed em.

"DISCLAIMER: This post is the result of heavy thesaurus usage and is in no way indicative of anything about my dumb vocabulary :D"

Now what say?? :D

jayashree swaminathan said...

atleast in the process, you wud hav learnt em.. :P

Bharath Kumar said...
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Bharath Kumar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bharath Kumar said...

If u had put all these efforts during MC exam.. U will surely come out in flying colours..!! :P :P

MC --> Mobile Computing 7th semester B.TECH/IT..

мคиσ said...

Nice work dude, from this post I can tell u one think for sure and that is u gonna score a very high mark in GRE.:D All the very best.

But I think that there is some more time to think about the future. Hope u choose the perfect path.
Anyways its a nice post.
And it took me sometime to know the meaning of some of the words and i was able to learn some new words.Hope I don't forget it :D.

ViX said...

@bharath - how right you are!!! :D

@manoj - thanks da. but u dint chk out the disclaimer i guess :D

мคиσ said...

And ur blog template is really cool.
where did u get it???

ViX said...

keep googling da.
i got this one from http://blogandweb.com/

was in spanish actually :D

мคиσ said...

yep, I checked it only now. Anyways u have taken some effort to refer it.
And thanks for the link.

Shroots said...

Out of this post its clear that one of those balls juggling on ur hand would definitely be under ur control...u not only know the meaning of a word but u even know where to use it...this gets ur GRE under ur control...
All the best da,
hopes u get a decent job as soon as possible

SATHISH said...

and i think now u know what corporates mean by "employability skills??" or "job-ready"
its THAT STRESS BUSTING SKILLS :P which u ve acquired in a big deal

ViX said...

@shroots - hopefully di :)

ViX said...

@satz - eggjactly !!!

Shobana said...

From Fb I landed on ur blogspot...Jus browsed thru...loved readg them ...Keep going !!