Friday, March 13, 2009

Hi Tweeple, Start Twittering!

i've been hooked on to Twitter these days ...

A social networking service, ("micro-blogging" to be precise) with an estimated 6 million users, (trailing behind Facebook and MySpace), Twitter has been dubbed the "SMS of Internet".

i find it a fun way of staying connected; its like publishing whats on your mind or what you're doing doing right now ...

all u need to do is register, start updating ur tweets, find people whose tweets you'd like to follow and tweet on ...

here's the official twitter channel for the UK Prime Minister's Office

or u could follow the real 50CENT's status updates here

there are a lot of popular people in Twitter ...

but then who wants all that :|

Just bring in all ur folks into Twitter and stay connected the fun way :)

Start tweeting! Tweet Tweet! :)


P.S. - here's the link to my tweets, in case you didnt notice the "My Twitter" widget at the top-left)

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